Beginners guide to witnessing

Basic account creation:

Start by clicking on the ‘Add account’ button in your wallet.

Managing the account:

Once confirmation is done you’ll be able to access the “Overview” page for the account where you can see a graph of your earnings to date vs expected initial earnings and projected future earnings.


The last item above is especially important. In order to be a witness it is important that your wallet be open and online 24/7. Note it does not matter if you have the occasional brief (30 minute or even an hour) outage; however frequent or long term outages are likely to have you kicked off and are not ideal.

Witnessing devices:

It is possible to add one or more secondary “witnessing devices” that have the capability of witnessing for your account, but are incapable of spending your locked funds.
It is possible to add such a device at any time in the accounts life cycle, and not only on a freshly created account.

Safety warning:

The entire system has been designed to keep users safe. A completely decentralized long term ‘deposit’ account on which you earn rewards while the funds remain under your control at all times. A world first.

An account after its been witnessing for a while




Lead developer;

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Malcolm MacLeod

Malcolm MacLeod

Lead developer;

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